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Upcoming Launch Landing Page

SAFE was launching a website and needed a general overview/ebook download landing page to hold them over until the site was ready.


SAFE is a nonprofit that brings families together to help one another thrive in the face of autism.


SAFE was launching a website and wanted a landing page to hold visitors over until the site went live. The landing page needed to be simple and easy to navigate, with an overview of the organization's mission and values. The site also needed to offer the founder's founding story ebook.

The landing page's visitors would be people who met or heard the founder speak at events, so they'd go expecting to find instructions for getting the ebook.

With that in mind, the copy I created offers an easy-to-read overview of the company and its mission. Also a call to action to get the ebook and relevant updates.

The landing page communicates SAFE's core message in a way that is easily digestible in just a few seconds — easy to read, no unnecessary text, and conveys information quickly and concisely.

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