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Master Teacher Landing Page

Tab & Mind was looking for a way to drive more traffic and sign-ups for their “Develop Master-Level Teaching Skills” content series.


Tab & Mind is a media outlet that helps teachers develop their skills and become masters in their field. They provide resources to help teachers learn, improve, and grow.


Tab & Mind needed a landing page that would capture the attention of busy teachers and drive them to sign up for their content series.

The copy had to be engaging, persuasive, and informative, while keeping the user focused on the core message: that they could learn all the skills they need to become a master teacher.

I did just that by focusing on two main elements:

  • an eye-catching headline with a bold assertion that engages teachers through mindset

  • an engaging call-to-action button that appeals to curiosity.

Then, in the additional sections, I used simple but intelligent copy that reinforces those main elements.

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