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7 Retail Copywriting Tips To Attract Customers

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Effective copywriting is crucial for any sales and marketing team. Include these copywriting tips to attract new customers and sell more products.



So, you want to attract customers to your store and make them spend their money at your place and not somewhere else, RIGHT?

Here are seven tips for effective copywriting that will attract more customers to your business:

#1 - Show the Benefits of Your Products

People buy products because they solve problems or provide benefits. If your products don’t do either of these, then it won’t matter how beautiful your store or website is; how easy your checkout process or shopping cart is to use — nobody will buy from you.

So how can you show people the benefits of your products?

It all starts with identifying what problem your product solves, and then explaining it clearly and succinctly so that it makes sense to your target audience.

When writing any kind of copy, make sure you understand what makes your product different from others on the market. What sets it apart? How does it solve problems for consumers?

If you don't know, ask yourself these questions:

  • What problem does this product solve for my target audience?

  • Why would they choose this solution over all others?

  • What value does it provide them?

  • How will it make their lives easier or more enjoyable?

#2 - Be Clear

The second point... be clear. I often see businesses who are trying to use clever, cute, or funny wording. But if you look at the overall impression of their messaging, it looks like a mess. The copy makes little sense and doesn't flow well.

Now, there's nothing wrong with being fun and creative in your copy, but it needs to be done in a way that makes sense and stays consistent with the rest of your messaging.

You can also use humor in your copywriting, as long as it fits with the feel of your brand and doesn't distract from what you're trying to convey. For example, if you're selling yoga pants online, adding a joke about how they make you feel sexy might make sense, since that strikes a fitting tone of companies selling yoga pants.

#3 - Use a Friendly and Conversational Tone

Copywriting often gets misinterpreted as the art of making a product sound more appealing than it really is. But that's not the case. Copywriting is about selling your products with ease, without sounding too pushy or desperate.

It's about making your customers want what you're offering them in a way that makes them feel like they can't live without it.

Often, the best way to achieve this is by using a friendly and conversational approach in your copywriting. When you talk to someone in person, you don't just walk up to them and tell them how great you are.

You ask questions about where they come from, what they do for fun, how long they've been working at their job, etc. And when they respond, you use their answers to build rapport with them and make them feel comfortable around you. The same holds true for copywriting as well!

Your approach needs to be tailored to your audience. Use words they can understand and relate to. Doing so will allow you to engage, delight, and nurture your audience more effectively.

#4 - Use Active Verbs

Using active verbs in copywriting is not just a tool to make your content more engaging. It's actually a very effective way to help you sell your products and services.

In fact, according to Sharon Hurley Hall, using active verbs in your copy can double the power of your content.

Active verbs are the most effective words you can use in your copywriting. They cause your reader's imagination to take flight and see what you want them to see. When used properly, active verbs compel your audience to take action and buy whatever you're selling.

When you use active verbs in your copywriting, they make it seem like what you're describing can happen right now — and that can be an extremely powerful feeling for your customers.

#5 - Talk About the Product in Use

To attract customers to your store, you need to write copy that tells people why they should buy from you. That means talking about features and benefits, but also how and why people use the product, what they'll get out of it, and so on.

If your product is a gadget that plays music, then you can talk about how it sounds and how it looks at the backyard barbecue, but do not explain how it works. Customers want to know what it feels like to use it, what it sounds like when they turn it on, and how it gets their guests dancing.

The same goes for clothing or any other wearables. If you're selling t-shirts or shoes, then talk about how the customer will feel or how they'll look once they get your products on their body.

For example:

"You'll feel confident and energetic during your light workout with the bros."

"Our products will help you look relaxed, and have you ready to unwind when you're kicking it uptown."

The benefit of this approach is that it makes it easy for customers to imagine themselves using your product, which makes them more likely to buy.

#6 - Use Examples with Proof

A phenomenal way to help your prospects understand the value of your product is to show them proof.

For example, if you’re selling a new fitness supplement, include before and after photos of people who have tried it. If you’re selling a new pair of running shoes, include photos showing runners using them in their workouts.

If you're selling a service, include statistics about how many people have benefited from it and how much money they've saved.

If you have them, include testimonials from real customers.

People are more likely to trust something that's tested and proven than something that isn't.

You need to show prospects that your product is useful for real people in real situations.

#7 - Do Not Forget to Say What You Want Customers To Do

The final and most important point is that you must tell your customers what you want them to do. All the other points in this article will be useless if you do not make it clear what your goal is.

You can do this in a variety of ways, but the most effective way is simply to tell them directly.

If you want customers to buy a product, then say so. If you want them to sign up for a newsletter, then say so. If you want them to share their email address for discounts, then say so.

For example, if I were writing a print ad for a retail store, I might write something like this:

"Stop by our store today and shop our huge selection of stylish clothing."

If you tell them to "Buy now and get 50% off," then you're telling them exactly what action you want them to take and why they should.

If it's this — “Have you ever grown tomatoes? Tell me your best tips in the comments section below!” — then you're giving them more information about how to engage with your company or brand.

No matter how well you write, if you don’t tell your visitors what to do, they will not take action.

Tell them what you want and make it easy for them to do it.

If you are looking to attract customers, effective copywriting is crucial.

Effective copywriting is not just a nice skill to have. It's an art that every effective business owner should be aware of and, at least, partially proficient in.

What copywriting boils down to is delivering a message that is relevant and that your audience will care about. Whether you are selling online or offline, those who employ these techniques will be the ones who excel.


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